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Wireless PA systems

AirVoice the leading brand in the wireless PA system sector for both indoor and outdoor areas. The products in the air voice range have been designed to cover all sound, information and emergency protocol needs in crowded areas.

  • Application

    • Beaches
    • Urban Areas
    • Industry
    • Airports
    • Agricultural Operations
    • Evacuation Plans
  • Features

    • Connectivity via UHF radio, Wi-Fi, FO
    • Smart City Integration
    • Sensors
    • Weather Station
    • Public Internet
    • Cameras

AirVoice Product Family

Los productos de la familia AirVoice han sido diseñados para cubrir todas las necesidades de sonorización, información y protocolos de emergencia en zonas de concurrencia.

Conozca la família AirVoice
airvoice compact megafono aviso playa

Beaches, urban sector

Hi-Fi quality over IP

Urban Furniture

Airport Sector

Crop protection

GSM Intercom