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New Smart In 2.0 for luminaires and smart cities: new design and Smart Lighting technology

New Smart In module for street furniture and Smart Lighting

We present the new version of AirVoice Smart In, the solution for smart street furniture. The module designed for its integration in lights and other elements of the city presents new design and technology features to be able to provide more advanced services to urban furniture. With this update, Smart In becomes a high-value solution for the development of smart cities.



Smart In, before and after.

The Smart In module began to be developed at the beginning of 2010, with the aim of offering sound services from city lights. Since then, the continuous development of the AirVoice R&D team and the advancement of technology have allowed the solution to be optimized to meet the needs of administrations. Today, Smart In has increased its potential to be able to offer different technology services at the same time, in addition to improving its assembly and ergonomics, facilitating its installation in the environment and the maintenance of the solution.


Smart Lighting
Smart In, before and after.


News: new design and Smart Lighting

Divisible format to optimize installation and maintenance

One of the big changes that Smart In brings is the possibility of separating the power supply from the central module. What benefits does this new design bring?:


  • More ergonomics: Previously, the central module of Smart In was linked to the power supply itself. This new feature allows its installation in any environment or city, improving its extraction capacity to carry out maintenance in an easier way.
  • Greater durability: Although all the electronics of the Smart In are designed to work in an extended temperature range, the useful life of the power supplies depends on the working temperature. Apart from greater ease of installation and maintenance, being able to place the fountain in a place that is not affected by solar radiation improves the durability of the product and reduces incidents. This new feature is key for environments with hot climates, both on beaches and in cities.


Smart Lighting
The new Smart In design offers more ergonomics and durability for its integration in different environments.


Smart Lighting: Light control luminaires

In addition to offering smart services, it also allows light control of the luminaires.

Since its first version, Smart In allows the integration of public address bands in the luminaires, a service highly demanded by the administrations to offer sound services from the streetlights of the city. It also allows the integration of other smart services, such as surveillance cameras, environmental sensors, connectivity, etc. At the same time, Smart In can control the light of the luminaires through the DMX and DALI lighting protocols, becoming a comprehensive Smart Lighting solution:

  • DMX Protocol: It is the system that allows the management and control of the light intensity, the turning on and off of the luminaire and the color temperature of the luminaire.
  • DALI Protocol: It is the system that allows the regulation of the luminous flux of luminaires of the same circuit, jointly or independently.


Smart Lighting
Smart In allows you to manage and regulate the light of the luminaires.


Smart In 2.0 Conclusions

  • The module design is divisible to allow for easier and more accessible installation and maintenance.
  • It allows to control the luminosity of the luminaires, in addition to integrating other technological devices, such as loudspeakers, security cameras or connectivity points, among others.
  • It can be installed in warm areas as it can withstand higher temperatures.



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