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Public address for beaches and urban zones


Wireless public address system for beaches and urban areas
Sound, information and emergency plans in crowded areas


Fully autonomous and wireless public address system capable of covering large distances. It offers information, prevention and communication services in different environments.



Sound system

Covering large distances

Fully autonomus

It does not require human assistance


It is unnecessary to carry public works at the installation site

Prevention and security

Sound and Emergency Plans


It works with solar energy or 220 V a.C​


For its little size and minimalistic design​

Public Adress models

IP and analog public address equipment

Each scenario requires a specific treatment when installing public address equipment. AirVoice public address equipment offers the possibility of installing public address points with wireless, wired, analog or digital loudspeakers depending on the needs of the client, the terrain and how the public address commands will be transmitted from the central console.

airvoice radio

Wireless public address via UHF radio

AirVoice RF  is AirVoice’s analog wireless PA equipment. It can work through solar energy or 220 vAC mains cable. The messages are transmitted live or pre-recorded by UHF radio frequency.

¿Qué es la megafonía IP?


airvoice smart

IP public address via 4G, Wi-Fi or fiber optics

AirVoice Smart is the IP public address equipment of the AirVoice family. Being IP, it allows the transmission of messages through 4G networks, Wi-Fi or fiber optics. It works with power supply by 220 VAC network cable.

equipos de megafonia



Control console

The AirVoice control console allows you to send live and pre-recorded messages to installed public address points. Messages can be broadcast periodically and cyclically, in various languages ​​and automatically.

Do you need to install a wireless, programmable and autonomous public address system?

More than 150 entities and companies rely on AirVoice technology.

Public adress for beaches and urban zones

Beach and city public adress

More than 150 public administrations have already increased the value of their environments with information, prevention and emergency plan services.

Wireless public address for beaches and coasts

AirVoice covers all kinds of needs for sound, information and emergency plans on beaches and coasts:

  • Information and coverage of the state of the sea
  • Warnings about the presence of dangerous marine fauna
  • Prevention and security alerts
  • Piped music
  • Municipal side
  • Emergency notifications

All orders are made remotely from the control center. Public address messages can be live or pre-recorded, with the possibility of sectorizing the announcements according to zone or language, cyclically and/or periodically.

AirVoice for beaches and coastline

Long range wireless public address

AirVoice Compact for towns and cities

Long-range wireless public adress

Wireless public address for urban and forest areas

AirVoice covers sound and emergency needs in urban environments: towns, cities, forest areas, urbanizations, campsites, industrial estates, etc. Recurring uses of public address systems in urban areas:

  • Municipal information
  • Piped music
  • Traffic controls
  • Notices and emergency plans (floods, confinements, etc.)

All orders are carried out remotely from the live control center or with pre-recorded announcements. Possibility of sectorizing the notices according to area or language.

Study cases of AirVoice

Discover the projects carried out with AirVoice wireless public address equipment

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Wireless, programmable and autonomous public address system

Discover the potential of AirVoice to cover sound and public address services indoors and outdoors. Contact us and start your public address deployment.

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