Wireless public address for crop protection​


Control and protection of crops without harming fauna
Sound, information and emergency plans in crowded areas

Autonomous public address system for crop protection

AirVoice Avi Fauna is a totally autonomous system capable of covering large surfaces without the need for pre-installation. Its operation can be automatic or with a time schedule that adjusts to the needs of the crop. Through a selection of natural and synthetic sounds for crop protection, it keeps the terrain under specific control and avoids addiction in fauna without endangering it or causing it any harm.

sound system

Long distance coverage


Does not require human attention


Does not require work on the installation site

prevention and safety

Synthetic audios to scare away wildlife

Solar or grid powered

Works with solar energy or 220 VAC


Thanks to its size and design

how does it work

Crop protection with public address system

AirVoice Avi Fauna uses its sound system to scare away the animals without causing any harm in order to guarantee their safety. The sound dispersion system offers various compilations of sound files that show the presence of predators and stressful situations. These compilations are reproduced periodically to prevent wildlife from getting used to sounds, allowing an effective fight against wildlife without violence.

sistema de protección de cultivos


AirVoice Avi Fauna case studies


megafonía para protección de cultivos


AirVoice Avi Fauna is the autonomous public address system that allows the control and protection of crops without harming the fauna

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