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Installation of wireless public address in Mallorca for the safety and prevention of users

Cala Millor offers prevention and safety through the installation of AirVoice wireless public address system

The Mallorca City Council has installed the AirVoice wireless public address system in Cala Millor, one of the most prestigious coastal towns on the island. Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands, and one of the busiest tourist destinations in the country. In 2021, nearly two million international tourists stayed in hotels on the island.

In order to increase the efficiency of lifeguard services and offer information and prevention services to bathers, the City Council has relied on AirVoice’s wireless public address solutions to provide services to citizens in Cala Millor, a municipality located between San Lorenzo del Cardezar and Son Servera. The coast of Cala Millor occupies a large part of the Majorcan bay, with a length of 1,750 meters and a width of 35 m, being one of the busiest coves during the summer. Due to its prestige, the beach offers a lifeguard service, showers, sports and a maritime transport rental service.


Cala Millor, on the island of Majorca. Source: ABC Mallorca


Installation of wireless public address system in Cala Millor

The deployment of wireless public address points in Cala Millor allows the administration and rescue services to send live or programmed messages through a control center to inform citizens of the state of the sea, if there is the presence of dangerous fauna, announcements municipal and warnings of prevention and emergency.

The notices are broadcast through public address points distributed along the beach. on the city beaches. Communication between the station and the equipment is via radio frequency, a fact that implies an operational and sustainable advantage over a cable public address solution. It also saves resources for installation and maintenance.


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