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Deployment of wireless PA system for emergencies AirVoice in the Cabildo de la Palma

The Cabildo installs wireless public address equipment for emergencies on the island

As a result of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, the Innovation service of the Cabildo de La Palma has carried out the deployment of an AirVoice wireless public address network throughout the island. The objective is to offer information and prevention services to the population in emergency situations through the 30 installed wireless public address points. Until now, the deployment has been extended to different municipalities, such as El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte, but it is expected to be extended to other parts of the territory.


AirVoice wireless emergency public address system

The public address equipment deployed has the capacity to cover great distances and to communicate massively and immediately any alert situation, such as the emission of harmful gases derived from the volcano; dangerous or very adverse weather situations; floods, or forest fires.

The supervision and activation of these devices is carried out by the Insular Operational Coordination Center (Cecopin). The messages that are sent to the public address points are carried out through a system via RF (radio frequency) and IP (GSM), depending on the area that they want to cover, thus allowing a sectorized or individual communication system according to each case.


megafonía inalámbrica para emergencias
Puntos de megafonía inalámbrica para emergencias instalados en la isla de La Palma


La Palma Smart Island

System architecture: RF, IP and 4G systems

This project has been carried out within the framework of the La Palma Smart Island initiative. The installation of the public address points has been structured in such a way that each location can offer an optimal sound service based on the acoustics and geography of each space.

The comprehensive project consists of a console, a control center, a Gateway station controlled via 4G and 30 RF (via radio) and IP (GSM) public address points, combined and distributed in the different areas affected by the gases produced by the volcano. Old Summit.

  • The console will only send orders to the teams through radio frequency.
  • The control center will send orders via 4G to the Gateway station to also control the RF public address equipment, in addition to directly controlling the IP public address equipment.
  • Communication between the console, the control center and the public address points is carried out through a combined RF and IP system, in addition to allowing the selection of the public address point or the set of points to be activated, thus allowing sectorization of the locations.
  • In addition, the control center can be accessed remotely from any device previously authorized by those responsible for the Coordination center, a fact that allows remote control of the entire public address system from anywhere.



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