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Smart streetlights with Smart In in Wavre, Belgium

The city of Wavre, in Belgium, has decided to bet on the modernization of its city and offers Smart City services through our Smart In solution. The technology has been adapted to the needs of the urban center and has been installed in one of the venues for cultural events in the city.

Smart City services in the urban center of Wavre

The solution has been installed in the urban furniture of the building that serves as a space for cultural events, “La Sucrerie“, specifically in the lighting columns that are located in the parking lot of the headquarters.
The Technilum team, a leading French manufacturer, has commissioned the design and installation of the luminaires, where the Smart In communications module has been integrated inside the luminaires. In this way, in addition to low-consumption lighting, the new streetlights offer smart functions to citizens:

  • HiFi Public Address
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Presence detectors
  • Automatic lighting regulation.


Servicios Smart City en mobiliario urbano
Smart street furniture in Wavre, Belgium. Photographs by George de Kinder – Technilum


Farolas inteligentes
Smart street furniture in Wavre, Belgium. Photographs by George de Kinder – Technilum


Servicios Smart City para centros urbanos
Smart street furniture in Wavre, Belgium. Photographs by George de Kinder – Technilum



Smart In, the smart module for Smart Cities

Soluciones de megafonía para smart cities


Smart In is the AirVoice solution designed to be installed inside public urban furniture elements (luminaires, canopies, digital signage, etc.) and turns them into smart solutions at the service of citizens.

The Smart In module works with IP technology and allows the integration of other technological applications, such as: sound, public Wi-Fi, CCTV video surveillance, license plate reading, SOS button, bluetooth, environmental sensors and any service with IP technology.



In this project have participated:

  • Contracting authority: RÉGIE COMMUNALE AUTONOME DE WAVRE
  • Luminaire manufacturer: Technilum
  • Technology: ADTEL
  • Photographer: George de Kinder – Technilum

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