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Intelligent public address system on the beach in Barcelona

Barcelona has an urban beach of more than 5 km in length that receives thousands of daily visitors and enjoys a high degree of acceptance among the inhabitants of the city and the tourists who visit it throughout the year.

The beach has all kinds of services for the population, including the public address service for information and emergencies through the intelligent public address columns that are along the beaches. This solution called CIM-AMB modular integral column is the smart public address solution designed by the “Área Metropolitana de Barcelona”

High performance public address system for the beaches of Barcelona

The CIM-AMB modular integral column is a public address column with IP equipment for high performance sound systems with connectivity via Wi-Fi and meteorological sensors. The comprehensive project is made up of a total of 35 IP public address points connected by optical fiber and framed within the Smart City project of the Barcelona City Council.


Megafonía inalámbrica inteligente
CIM – AMB Modular Integral Column on the beach of Nova Icaria in Barcelona

Columna de megafonía



Public adress and smart services

The technology integrated into the column is AirVoice’s Smart In communications module, the solution for Smart Cities that allows urban furniture elements to offer smart services. In addition to the public address service, it allows the integration of different elements: environmental sensors, Wi-Fi service, video surveillance, SOS points, license plate reading, etc.

In the case of Barcelona, ​​each CIM-AMB modular integral column has the following services:

  • Hi-Fi IP public address system. It broadcasts live and pre-recorded information messages.
  • Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity. It allows users to connect to the Internet for free and municipal workers access the corporate network.
  • Meteorology sensors. Calculation of UV index and wind speed.
  • LED lighting.

Thanks to its small size (40 x 10 x 8 cm), Smart In is integrated into the interior of each column, thus minimizing the visual impact that an installation in a watertight box would entail.



Design and mechanics


The column consists of a mast and three upper modules. The design considers the possibility of adding new modules in the case of wanting to incorporate new technologies for the management of public space. These modules are horizontally adjustable according to the sound needs of the place. The column is made of materials resistant to the salty environment and wind and has been designed to blend in with the environment and with the characteristic image of the city of Barcelona in mind.




Remote management

The services offered by each column can be managed remotely, individually or collectively, from a central management console or from any mobile device with Internet access. Public address messages can be broadcast live or prerecorded.

In the case of Barcelona beach, the 35 public address points are managed and monitored by the rescue services from a control console located in an advanced watchtower.







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