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New Public Adress system in the beaches of Tarragona

Tarragona installs a public adress system in his beaches

The city of Tarragona has an extensive area of ​​beaches where thousands of citizens and tourists pass through them throughout the year. To offer sound, information and emergency services to citizens, the City Council uses AirVoice technology and starts the deployment of different wireless public address points on its beaches.


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Tarragona deploys different public address points distributed in the different beaches of the coast.


Features of the public adress system

The wireless public address system is made up of a control center that sends orders to different public address points distributed throughout the area to be covered. Communication between these elements is carried out entirely via radio, which provides a great advantage over a wired solution due to its minimal installation impact and the need for maintenance.

  • Sustainable system: It has been designed to have low energy consumption through solar panels
  • Power by cable or solar panel: An electrical connection point is not required if not available.
  • Low level of noise pollution, adapting to the UNE-EN 60849 standard for electroacoustic systems for Emergency Services.
  • The system allows flexibility in the number and power of the public address stations depending on the extension to be covered.
  • Possibility of dividing the system into different zones depending on the needs.
  • Periodic playback of pre-recorded messages and broadcast of live messages.
  • Adaptation to any outdoor environment: Allows installation on flagpoles, existing street lamps, beach furniture, etc.

System’s architechture

The installation of the public address points has been structured so that each beach can offer an optimal sound system depending on the acoustics and geography of each space. The comprehensive project consists of a control center, five Gateway stations controlled via 4G and public address points distributed on the different beaches of Tarragona.

  • The control center will send orders via 4G to the five Gateway stations installed on each of the beaches.
  • Communication between the Gateway station and the public address points is carried out by means of a radio system, which also allows the selection of the public address point to be activated, thus allowing the sectorization of the beaches.
  • In addition, the control center can be accessed remotely from any device previously authorized by the city council, a fact that allows the public address system to be controlled from anywhere.


Prior to the installation of the public address points of one of the beaches of Tarragona


Remote management of notices


The control center consists of a touch screen console for message management. It allows the diffusion of pre-recorded messages, live messages and the programming of automatic messages through a periodic programming on a calendar, without the need for human action. It also allows you to play music through a list of files uploaded to the server.

The public address points that receive the orders can consist of one, two or four loudspeakers. They can be powered by 230V mains or with solar panels, which provides total autonomy to the system.




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