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AirVoice wireless public address systems in the municipality of Viladrau

Viladrau already has municipal public address equipment

The Viladrau City Council needed to install wireless public address systems on the streets of its municipality, and has trusted AirVoice technology. The equipment has been strategically distributed around the busiest areas to meet the needs of sound, prevention and emergency plans in the most efficient way.

AirVoice public address systems fulfill all sound functions so that the city council can inform citizens with official statements or emergency alerts (floods, fires, etc…). The solution offers the possibility of playing pre-recorded or live messages, in addition to being able to program musical threads periodically and cyclically.


AirVocie Sistema de megafonía
One of the public address points in the urban center of the municipality


AirVoice public address systems

AirVoice wireless devices do not require pre-installation and are completely autonomous, since they work through photovoltaic panels. All orders are made from the control center, as well as the necessary settings to program prerecorded messages. AirVoice adapts to different environments and can be installed on different supports and platforms to offer communications and security services.

  • Information and emergency notices on beaches and cities.
  • Protection of crops without harming fauna.
  • Notices and protection of aerial fauna at airports.
  • Smart City integration in urban furniture.

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