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Planes de emergencia




SOS intercom for emergencies on the beach of El Prat de Llobregat

The municipality of El Prat de Llobregat has two beaches far from the urban center of the town. The beaches offer a leisure space for their visitors, with infrastructure integrated in a privileged coastal area environment. A system of dunes and paths recreates the image of a poorly humanized Mediterranean beach, with a coastal pine forest that increases the landscape value of the complex. El Prat de Llobregat has the Blue Flag environmental quality certification for the services it offers and the quality of its beaches.

Wireless solution for beach emergencies

To optimize the level of safety on its beaches, the city council has put into operation different AirSOS points available to citizens so that they can contact the administration or rescue teams in cases of emergencies on the beaches. The intercom is installed at different key points along the two beaches of El Prat and allows the authorities to act in cases of emergencies on the beaches. The visitor can contact the local authority by pressing the SOS button on the intercom.

SOS Emergencias


AirSOS, the AirVoice emergency intercom

Soluciones de megafonía para emergencias

AirSOS is the completely autonomous wireless intercom system without pre-installation. It allows immediate communication with emergency services, Rescue, 112 or Civil Protection to carry out sound, prevention and emergency plans actions on the beaches.



More AirVoice Autonomous Solutions

  • AirVoice for beaches and urban centers: The completely autonomous AirVoice wireless public address system, capable of covering large surfaces. Wireless outdoor public address device, powered by solar energy or 230 Vac. Communication via VHF-UHF radio. It allows us to offer an information, prevention and communication service in different environments.
  • AirVoice Avi Fauna: AirVoice Avi Fauna is a completely autonomous system capable of covering large surfaces and without pre-installation. Its operation can be automatic, with time programming or remotely operated from a control console. A selection of natural and synthetic sounds protects crops in a specific way and prevents addiction in fauna.
  • AirVoice Smart In: AirVoice Smart In is a communications module that works with IP technology, designed to be installed inside street furniture. Thanks to its small size, it facilitates installation inside street furniture, thus eliminating the visual impact of cables, Outdoor boxes and cabinets Allows the integration of other technological applications to provide service to citizens.

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