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Ceuta begins the deployment of AirVoice wireless public address system on its beaches

Deployment of wireless public address in Ceuta

The Ceuta City Council has started the deployment of AirVoice wireless public address solutions. The new equipment installed is designed to disseminate information messages, prevention and emergency warnings on the beaches, as well as to facilitate communication with emergency services. The administration’s objective is to offer bathers the information necessary for their safety and well-being.

Public address equipment and remote management station

The wireless public address system consists of a control center and a set of loudspeakers distributed throughout the area to be covered. Rescue teams can remotely send orders periodically or cyclically, with live or prerecorded information alerts. Communication between the station and the equipment is via radio, so this implies an operational and sustainable advantage over a cable public address solution. It also saves resources for installation and maintenance.

Megafonía solar
AirVoice speakers, adjustable and adaptable to any environment.


AirVoice station for broadcasting live or pre-recorded messages.

Features of the public address system

  • The equipment adapts to any type of location: Its installation is possible on flag poles, luminaires, vertical signs, etc.
  • It is not necessary an electrical connection point since it allows the feeding by means of solar panel.
  • Adaptation to any outdoor environment.
  • The system makes it possible to make the number and power of the public address stations more flexible depending on the extension to be covered.
  • Possibility of dividing the system into different zones depending on the needs.
  • Periodic playback of recorded messages.
  • Compliance with the UNE-EN 60849 standard for electro-acoustic systems for Emergency Services, according to which the minimum sound level must be 65 dB and the maximum cannot exceed 120 dB

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