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Calella City Council trusts AirVoice to install wireless public address system on the coast

The municipality of Calella de Mar is one of the most prominent destinations on the Barcelona coast thanks to the quality of its beaches. The municipality is a tourist reference that receives thousands of visitors from the province of Barcelona and tourists from abroad. To offer sound, information and emergency services for users, the Calella City Council has relied on the AirVoice solution to start the deployment of wireless public address solutions on the coast.


New wireless public address solutions for the coast

The solutions that have been installed in Calella of wireless public address equipment and wireless aid points (SOS) distributed throughout the different areas of the beach, have been designed to optimize efficiency when informing the public by the residents. Relevant shoreline rescue workers and equipment:

  • Notices on the existence of polluting discharges in the water
  • Presence of jellyfish in the bathing area
  • Changes in sea state and flag color notice
  • Lifeguard service hours

Thanks to the wireless public address on the coast, the rescue services have more facilities when carrying out their work informing and alerting bathers to prevent disasters and accidents. On the other hand, citizens can call for help in a more optimal way with the aid points installed to speed up, even more, an effective service in case they need help.


Wireless public address solution on the Calella coast


Solutions installed on the beach of Calella

Soluciones de megafonía para zonas urbanas



AirVoice, the wireless public address solution that offers information, prevention and emergency planning services in different environments. It is a totally autonomous system and does not require pre-installation, in addition to blending in with its environment thanks to its small size. It broadcasts personalized messages live or pre-recorded covering large areas remotely by rescue services or municipal authorities.




Soluciones de megafonía para emergencias


AirSOS  is AirVoice’s GSM wireless intercom system. It is completely self-contained and does not require pre-installation. It allows immediate communication with the emergency services, Rescue, 112 or Civil Protection to carry out sound, information or emergency plans in different applications and sectors.

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