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Wireless public address solution on the beaches of Algeciras

The deployment of AirVoice begins in the south of the Iberian Peninsula: the Algeciras City Council has decided to install a wireless public address solution on its beaches in El Rinconcillo and Getares. With this technology, the administration will have the necessary tools to carry out a more efficient dissemination of information and emergency notices to citizens.

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Wireless public address solution for beaches

AirVoice public address systems allow the broadcasting of information and prevention messages, as well as emergency warnings. In this case, the equipment has been installed on the beaches of Algeciras, where emergency services benefit greatly to alert, inform and help bathers who are in the area.

The solution consists of a console with which to schedule the live broadcast or play pre-recorded messages, either occasionally or periodically.

As it is a wireless public address system, it saves resources and time when carrying out its installation or maintenance. On the other hand, the public address points can be adapted to any type of surface and urban furniture (masts, lighting columns, vertical signs, etc …) and does not need an electrical connection point thanks to the possibility of installing a solar panel.


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