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Public address for fire prevention in rural areas and urban sector


Public address for fire prevention
Sound, information and emergency plans in urban and forest areas

Information and prevention of forest fires

The management of fires in urban-forest interface areas is very complex due to the number of agents involved: protection of human lives, flora and fauna, material goods, outdoor leisure businesses, etc. Due to its geographical situation, urbanizations, isolated houses in the mountains, scattered houses, rural populations and the edges of large cities in contact with forest vegetation are risk areas where it is essential to take extreme precautions against the possibility of fires .

To prevent these areas from being vulnerable to natural disasters, it is very important that there are security and prevention measures to prevent them from being unprotected.

AirVoice is the wireless public address system designed to warn the population through information notices and evacuation plans in urban and rural areas.

megafonía para protección de cultivos

Wireless Public Address Systems

AirVoice is the benchmark brand in the wireless public address sector designed to cover all the needs for sound, prevention, information and emergency protocols in rural and urban areas.

AirVoice allows you to personalize information messages




information and prevention

sound system

Long distance coverage

UHF, Wi-Fi and FO radio connectivity

According to needs

prevention and security

Configure the messages according to each situation


Does not require human attention

wireless public address

No cables that damage the aesthetics of the environment

personalized messages

Personalize messages with voice and sound effects


No construction necessary


It works with solar energy or 230 BC


Thanks to its size and minimalist design

Wireless Public Address Systems

Soluciones de megafonía para zonas urbanas

urban sector

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Outdoor wireless public address device, powered by solar energy or 230 Vac. VHF-UHF radio communication.

Soluciones de megafonía para cultivos


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System for the protection of agricultural sectors against natural fauna without causing any damage

Soluciones de megafonía para emergencias

gsm intercom

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Intercom for emergencies 24h. with GSM communications. Completely autonomous (solar energy or 230 Vac)

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