What is a multi-system public address network?

We often find ourselves in situations where the characteristics of the environment make it necessary to combine different types of technologies to offer information services through public address equipment. The geography and extension of the environment are factors that determine the use of one technology or another, in addition to the distance in which the installed public address equipment is located in relation to the main control center from where the orders are sent.

But… what is a multi-system public address network?

A multi-system public address network allows the management of multiple public address equipment installed in different areas to broadcast live and programmed messages from a main control center through different transmission modes, that is, combining different protocols when sending the orders that They go from the control center to each installed public address point, whether analog (by radio frequency) or digital (IP).

Modes of transmission of public address orders

  • Analog UHF Radio Frequency Transmission: Analog PA uses radio frequency signals to transmit audio from the amplifier to the loudspeaker, while IP digital PA uses a data network.
  • Digital transmission through IP networks: This transmission mode allows the communication of the equipment through wireless networks, be it Wi-Fi, LAN, fiber optics, 4G, 5G, etc. You can check the following article for more information on IP public address equipment.

Multi-system public address networks are fully customizable and can be adapted to the specific needs of each project. For example, there may be areas covered by analog public address points that receive orders by radio frequency and other areas where the points receive orders through IP networks. In addition, in this type of public address networks it is possible to integrate other technology systems, such as alarm systems or video surveillance camera systems, which makes it possible to offer a comprehensive communications and security service.

How a multi-system public address network works

Combined system between analogue and digital public address equipment

This scheme outlines the operation of a system where various AirVoice equipments are used: a console, a control center, a Gateway station and RF (via radio) and IP (GSM) public address points. The Gateway station allows the use of analog and digital equipment in the same public address network. More information about the Gateway station.

  • Analog spectrum
    • The console will send orders only to the public address equipment by radio frequency.
  • Digital spectrum
    • The control center directly controls the IP public address equipment. You can also control other equipment, such as the Smart In communications module.
  • Analog/Digital Spectrum
    • The control center sends orders via 4G to the Gateway station in order to control the RF public address equipment at the same time as the IP equipment.
  • The communication between the console, the control center and the public address points is carried out by means of a combined system via radio frequency and via IP, in addition to allowing the selection of the public address point or the set of points to be activated, thus allowing sectorization of the locations.
  • In addition, the control center can be accessed remotely from any device, allowing remote control of the entire PA system from anywhere.


Operation of a multi-system public address network combining analogue and digital public address equipment

Cases of study using multi-system public address networks

In the following cases of study the needs of each project required the combination of public address equipment with analog and digital protocols within the same system.

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