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The UAB School of Prevention and Comprehensive Safety organizes the Conference “Technology Applied to Aquatic Safety”

The School of Prevention and Comprehensive Safety of the UAB organizes the Conference “Technology Applied to Aquatic Safety” to publicize the latest developments in the field of rescue and prevention equipment in aquatic and maritime contexts.

ADTEL attends as a speaker and specialist in the integration of technological security and prevention systems to present AirVoice technology, the smart wireless public address system that is used as a means of information and prevention on beaches, coasts and urban centers. According to Ramsés Martí, a specialist in safety in aquatic environments: “(…) knowledge of these new tools, which provide technological solutions to prevention, safety and civil protection professionals, helps to anticipate dangers, prevent population and to act effectively in emergency situations”.

Together with ADTEL, different professionals from the sector will be present at the presentation:

  • Technology applied to nautical safety, by Gerardo Gantes Rodríguez, Bachelor of Nautical Sciences and Maritime Transport, and Master in Remote Sensing and GIS. Head of the Barcelona Rescue Coordination Center (CCS Barcelona).
  • Personal emergency flotation equipment, with Marc Porta, Responsible for Restube in Spain.
  • Drones in aquatic safety, by Adrián Plaza, Engineer and Executive Director of General Drones.
  • Swimming Pool Safety with the intervention of Carles Valls Garriga, Manager of Techie Products & Systems Slu.x
  • Remote Water Rescue Teams, with the participation of Nick Bice, Director of USafe.
  • Radio beacons and personal radio beacons, by Josep Domènech Morcillo, Owner of Balsamar Seguretat Marítima.
  • River flow control systems and immediate alert with Eisharc Jaquet, Engineer and Director of Arantec.
  • Information, communication and prevention systems on Airvoice beaches, with the intervention of Domingo Ruiz, Director of the ADTEL Group
  • The work of civil protection technicians in aquatic environments with the parliament of Carlota Dicenta, President of the Association of Civil Protection Technicians of Catalonia.

    We are waiting for you next Tuesday, March 17, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the EPSI.

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