Wireless PA system for beach and urban sector

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The AirVoice PA device is fully autonomous and capable of covering large areas with no previous installation, connectivity via UHF radio. It allows a prevention and communication service to be provided to different sectors of the public.

Design possibilities

AirVoice radio

The AirVoice radio PA device with solar power supply or 230V aC. It can cover large distances through UHF radio connectivity. No pre-installation required.

More information

AirVoice compact

The AirVoice radio is fully autonomous and it is capable of covering great distances and no pre-installation is necessary. Ideal for sending information messages, emergency announcements and evacuation plans. Its design generates a low visual impac

More information

AirVoice applications

    • Urban sector
    • Beaches
    • Campings
    • Sport events
    • Risk areas
    • Civil protection
    • Industry
    • Evacuation plan

Transmition console

  • Touch screen console
  • Browse via menus
  • Live messages
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Differents languages
  • Sectorisation

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