proyecto de megafonía 4G para emergencias




AV Integration awards AirVoice for the 4G public address project for emergencies on the island of La Palma

The digital media AV Integración Audiovisual has awarded AirVoice for the 4G public address integration project for emergencies during the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, on the island of La Palma.

The objective of this project was to offer information and prevention services to the population in emergency situations through 30 RF and IP public address points installed in different municipalities of La Palma. The supervision and activation of these devices is managed by the Island Operational Coordination Center (Cecopin)

Opinion of the jury

“The jury awards the prize to this project not only for its ability to overcome obstacles, the rapid adaptation of the technological team and the effort of the human team; but also because the project is aimed at satisfying a public demand and provides great social value The deployment of 4G wireless public address system for emergencies is a step further when it comes to offering a high-impact social public service, while also showing an unprecedented effort to integrate technology into nature that is not only invasive but also guides its protection.


Complexity and difficulties on the road to success

Throughout the project we encountered various obstacles that made it difficult for the installation to progress, such as high-risk weather conditions and the emission of harmful gases, the deterioration of the radio frequency towers due to the lava that gushed from the volcano and the low coverage due to the steep topography of the terrain.

To solve this problem, the installation of digital equipment was proposed, which receives orders via 4G and offers a better response in low coverage areas where it was not possible to install analog equipment. Both paging models can be managed by AirVoice’s Gateway station, thus enabling successful multi-system paging deployment.

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