Ventajas de utilizar megafonía por radiofrecuencia




Advantages of using radio frequency public address system

Why analog public address by radio frequency is a good option

Analogue public address is the conventional system used to install effective public address systems at a competitive cost. It uses analog electrical signals to transmit voice messages, and in relation to other technologies, there are several advantages of using radio frequency paging in relation to IP paging, for example

  • Lower cost : Analogue public address is generally cheaper than IP public address, which makes it more affordable for companies and organizations with limited budgets, or when a large deployment of access points is required.
  • Simplicity: Analog technology is simpler than digital, making it easier to install and maintain.
  • Compatibility: Analog PA is compatible with a wide range of audio devices, which means it can be used with existing speakers and sound systems without the need to upgrade or replace them. li>
  • Reliability: Analog technology is less susceptible to interference and glitches than digital solutions, which means it is more reliable in critical situations.
  • Flexibility: Analogue public address allows the transmission of messages in real time and live, which makes it ideal for situations where clear and fast communication is required, such as emergencies and evacuations . It can also be used to play music and other audio content.

In conclusion, the main advantages of using radio frequency public address systems are the cost, the ease of installation, the reliability of the technology and the flexibility of its operation for the transmission of voice messages in a wide variety of situations.

AirVoice radio frequency public address equipment

At AirVoice we know the strengths of using analog over digital PA. In many public address deployment projects, AirVoice RF radio frequency analogue equipment is used due to the reliability of its technology and the ease of use by the public customers, as well as cost competitiveness thanks to its wireless solar power versus more expensive wired solutions.


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